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Finding Freud in my Dreams

In his pathbreaking work, The Interpretation of Dreams, Freud confirms the relation between dream content and lived experience as an ‘uncontestable fact’, but at the same time, he wants us to remember that this connection might not seem very obvious every time or ‘evade discovery’, so as to say, if we try to find an… Continue reading Finding Freud in my Dreams


Sunshine ❤️

It is an abstract utopiaThat can find no human shape.Bad faith, bleeding emotions,Wandering thoughts, restless nightsIt was all that Love could leave behind. Dry self-love, passionate cold kissesLife seemed like a freshly painted heritage site,Superficially masking the cracked-up bricks and concrete inside.It was looking for a reason to smile.A reason in flesh and blood. While… Continue reading Sunshine ❤️

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My Story of the Decade(2010-2020)

Initially, I thought of simply making a regular post on my Facebook wall. But then, when I sat down and contemplated on the things that have happened in my life in this entire decade, I thought that a mere Facebook post would not suffice. #My_Journey_with_the_Decade requires a separate blog post as this decade has shaped… Continue reading My Story of the Decade(2010-2020)

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You are being Watched. Beware.

“When you do not pay for the product, you are the Product.“ This line has stayed with me since the time I have watched #Social_Dilemma on Netflix. From the time we have started using smartphones and we have been blessed with “Unlimited high speed internet” services provided by all the telecom companies, we hardly think… Continue reading You are being Watched. Beware.


Shubh Mangal ZYADA Savdhaan (Hindi Film 2020) – Film Review

Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan is a film that not only celebrates and tries to normalize homosexual romantic relationships on silver screen, but while doing so, the narrative keeps on touching upon and mocking many more such social prejudices that have been eternally associated with women,the institution of marriage and the perception about what masculinity is… Continue reading Shubh Mangal ZYADA Savdhaan (Hindi Film 2020) – Film Review

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Film Review- Made in China ( Hindi Film 2019)

#MadeInChina is not a brilliant movie, but it addresses some very deep-rooted prejudices prevalent in our civilized society. First of all,weird and ‘hatke’ business ideas can only blossom in the minds of Gujratis! Gujjus can make business out of,literally, ANYTHING, thus feeding on the age-old idea of associating them with entrepreneurship. The second most important… Continue reading Film Review- Made in China ( Hindi Film 2019)


Film Review – Tritiyo Adhyay – The Third Chapter ( Bengali Film 2019)

Watched #TritiyoAdhyay (The Third Chapter) yesterday at Nandan,Hall 2. After I came out watching the film, the first thing that came in to my mind that a film that has such meaty content has to fight so much to get time slots in cinema halls,only because it is being produced by a new production house.… Continue reading Film Review – Tritiyo Adhyay – The Third Chapter ( Bengali Film 2019)